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U Pull and Save Auto Parts
1325 N Cedar - Mason MI, 48854
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Sorry, This Item is not currently available. Please view other inventory options below or call us for ordering options.
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Other Available
P225/60R16 Tires
Sorry, we do not have your exact size at this time.
Here is a list of other recommended tires  that may fit your vehicle. These tires  are within 2% of the size you requested.

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 SizeBrandModelSidewallTreadPriceQuantityGradeStock #Notes
View P225/55R16OhtsuFP6000 A/SBW 5/32 $33.49 1 B4036 
View P225/55R16SumitomoNABW 7/32 $33.49 1 B4453 
View P215/65R16BridgestoneNABW 5/32 $13.51 1 B3123 
View P215/65R16ProMeterLL821BW 7/32 $15.00 1 C5168 
View P215/65R16CooperWeathermaster SnowBW 5/32 $15.00 1 C5291 
View P215/65R16ArizonianSilver EditionBW 5/32 $17.49 1 C5272 
View P215/65R16SumitomoTouring LSRNA 5/32 $17.49 1 NA5197 
View P215/65R16EldoradoLegend TouringBW 7/32 $33.49 1 B5211 
View P215/65R16LaufennG Fit ASNA 6/32 $33.49 1 NA5192 
View P215/65R16GT RadialChampiro Touring ASBW 8/32 $33.49 1 B5290 
View P215/65R16ArizonianSilver EditionBW 5/32 $33.49 1 B5295 
View P215/65R16MichelinX RadialBW 5/32 $33.49 1 B5328 
View P215/65R16SumitomoTouring LSTNA 9/32 $33.49 1 NA4842 
View P215/65R16FuzionTouringBW 8/32 $33.49 1 B5019 
View P215/65R16HankookOPTIMOBW 7/32 $33.49 1 B5036 
View P215/65R16HankookOPTIMOBW 5/32 $33.49 1 B5037 
View P215/65R16HankookOPTIMOBW 6/32 $33.49 1 B5052 
View P215/65R16HankookNA - WinterBW 8/32 $33.49 1 B5123 
View P215/65R16HankookOPTIMOBW 6/32 $33.49 1 B5127 

About U Pull and Save Auto Parts

We are a self-service auto salvage yard. Open 7 days a week. There is a $1.00 cash admission charge for each person entering the yard and you must be 18 years of age or older. Check our inventory to find a particular vehicle.

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We can only tell you if a vehicle is in the yard available for parts, but we do not have the specific parts list or options specific to each vehicle. We do however provide the vin number that can help determine some of the options.